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<span style='color: #cc0000;'>MODTEK Range</span>MODTEK Range
<span style='color: #cc0000;'>Audio Visual</span>Audio Visual
<span style='color: #cc0000;'>Voice</span>Voice
Offering a comprehensive scope of products ranging from traditional line jack units and block terminals to more commonly used products for ADSL interfaces and conversion adaptors used in todays data networking environments.
<span style='color: #cc0000;'>Data</span>Data
AX Distribution can now offer it's most comprehensive range of structured cabling products and solutions. As well as being a long term established distribution partner for the Nexans LanConnect product range, AX now provides the LanMark and Essentials network solutions. In addition, AX offers an extensive range of low cost and custom made products resulting in a complete portfolio of structured cabling products and solutions.

<span style='color: #cc0000;'>USB Charging</span>USB Charging
A comprehensive range of Euro style modular USB chargers for charging mobile phones, tablets, cameras and other portable devices.
<span style='color: #cc0000;'>Electrical Wiring</span>Electrical Wiring
<span style='color: #cc0000;'>Cable Management</span>Cable Management
To compliment the extensive range of structured cabling products, AX offers a complete range of cable management products rincluding desk distribution modules, access floor boxes, cable tidying solutions and cable grommets.
<span style='color: #cc0000;'>Modular Connectors</span>Modular Connectors
For many years AX distribution has been a successful distributor of the Bel Stewart range of products. These products include modular plugs and jacks reaching Cat 5, 5e, 6, 6a and 7 standards and the intergrated magnetics range, MagJack.

CON-X Range
CON-X Range
This range includes the versatile Conxall range of circular, weatherproof connectors mainly used in the electrical, marine, mining and instrumentation industries.
<span style='color: #cc0000;'>Fluid Management</span>Fluid Management
AX continues to offer a quality range of fluid management products, mainly consisting of the horizontal liquid level sensors and the liquid flow switches.
<span style='color: #cc0000;'>Switching & Sensing</span>Switching & Sensing
Custom Services
<span style='color: #cc0000;'>Best Sellers</span>Best Sellers
<span style='color: #cc0000;'>New Products</span>New Products