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96U001 Horizon Module
2 Power sockets, 2 Cat 5e data sockets, 3.15 Amps individually fused, 1 metre wieland cable and 3 metes data cable as standard.

Fusion silver finish

Module lifts and locks proud of the desk surface

Lid drops down to allow access from both sides, suitable for conference tables

Fitting from above, locks into position using two screws

Spring loaded buttons lock module proud of desk surface and on release allows module to drop back below desk surface. It has a depth of ?mm; a height of ?mm and a length of ?mm.

Available with power and data configurations to suit individual client needs

All UK power socket versions feature individual fuses, choice of 3.15A or 5A to comply with BS 6396:2002

Unit complies with BS 5733

Unit designed to allow installation compliance with BS 6396:2002

Data cable connection 3 metres as standard, also available in other lengths.

Power cable 1 metre as standard, wired to wieland connector

Requires a separate mains cable

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