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85U001 Affinity Module
2 power sockets, 2 Cat 5e data sockets, 3.15 Amps individually fused, 1 metre wieland cable as standard, 3 metres data cable as standard.

Unit has grey fascia surround and an anodised aluminium body. Fascia is V0 flame retardant ABS with black socket fascias. It has a depth of ?mm; a height of ?mm and a length of ?mm.

Clamps into rectangular location hole using spring loaded clamps

Spring loaded buttons to hold unit in open position until manually closed

Power, data and voice cables all exit from under the side of the unit

All UK power socket versions feature individual fuses. Choice of 3.15A or 5A fuses are available to comply with BS 6396:2002

Unit complies with BS 5733

All standard options are supplied with a 850mm cable to wieland connector

Requires a separate mains cable

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